Consortium Rules & Regulations






any member found breaking the rules will face a ban or possibly expulsion from the consortium


As with any club or association there are a few rules for the protection of the fish, the environment and the well being of other anglers. Most anglers should be aware these days that being away from rods and litter are the two rules that are the most stringently enforced. The same is true of the TAC. Anyone found breaking these rules can expect to be banned from the fishery for a minimum of 6 months, and could possibly face a lifetime ban.

Litter is of particular importance as it encourages vermin, especially rats, which could cause a serious health hazard.

Please also remember that we share the facilities of the Lee Valley Park along with other members of the public.

General Rules and Conditions:


  1. Anglers must not commit any act that may interfere or cause offence to other persons using the Lake area. Anglers are reminded that they are responsible for their guests and fishery rules apply to their guests, this includes any visitor

  2. NO LITTER - ALL litter and discarded line and debris is the responsibility of the angler present in a formal stance, swim or fishing position. REGARDLESS OF ORIGIN ALL LITTER MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE FISHERY. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN A LIFE BAN FROM TAC WATERS.

  3. Permit holders may not add to, remove or alter in any way, the banks, trees and land surrounding the fishery.

  4. Environment Agency by-laws apply.

  5. Permit holders can fish with a maximum of two rods, the maximum distance between rods being two metres.

  6. Permit holders must remove all baited hooks from the water before leaving their swim. UNATTENDED RODS WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION.

  7. Live baits must be caught at the venue. Under no circumstances should live baits be taken from Boot Pit.

  8. Anglers must park within the designated car park. Parking in the lane is strictly forbidden with the exception of 10 minutes for loading / unloading and fish only numbered swims. Gates must be locked after entry / exit.




  1. An angler can only occupy a single swim at any one time and must not interfere with adjacent angling stances. NOTE ON RAILWAY AND LEA PIT - There are to be no more than two rods per swim, i.e. one angler fishing two rods or two anglers fishing one rod each.

  2. Permits including photo cards must be produced on request from Fishery Wardens or Park Authority staff.

  3. No dinghies, boats or radio controlled craft of any sort.

  4. Swimming or the use of chest waders is forbidden.

  5. No open fires or barbeques.

  6. All fish to be returned to the water at the end of each session. Any person found attempting to steal fish will be prosecuted.

  7. Able bodied anglers fishing from disabled angler stances must vacate their swims when asked to do so by a disabled permit holder, if no other suitable stances are available.

  8. The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) nor the TAC accept any responsibility for any injury, illness or damage to persons or property in connection with the facilities provided at this venue.

  9. The TAC/LVRPA reserve the right to change rules and conditions if they see fit, without prior notice to permit holders.

  10. Long stay anglers must not leave their swims for more than one hour in any twenty-four hour period.

  11. Anglers can only fish in one swim for a maximum of seven days. NOTE ON RAILWAY PIT - maximum session 48 hours (2 nights) until 1st October to 31st March when the 7 day rule applies. No return to fish within 24 hours.

  12. Strictly no peanuts or tigernuts. Prepare other particles properly.

  13. All carp and pike anglers must carry a suitable sized landing net and a padded unhooking mat, minimum size three feet by two feet. Carp and pike must not be retained in any manner except Boot Pit where carp may be retained in a suitable net. The possession of sacks, tunnels or similar is prohibited whilst on the fishery. Keepnets may be used for other species but Wardens have the authority to request that large fish be returned if conditions so dictate.

  14. In dire circumstances fish may be retained for SHORT PERIODS in landing nets to allow them to recover.

  15. From April 1st to September 30th inclusive NO bivvies, Tents, Overwraps, Sides, Mosquito nets or brollies to be erected on Boot pit.

  16. There is to be no bait fishing for pike between 1st April and 30th September inclusive, however lure fishing is allowed throughout the fishing season.

  17. Semi-barbed hooks to be used when pike fishing.

  18. Wire traces including up traces on paternostered baits must be used for pike fishing.

  19. Bite detection equipment must show some form of drop back bites as well as straightforward runs when pike fishing.

  20. Any publicity of specimen fish must be reported through the Fishery Officer via the web site.

  21. JUNIOR MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: No night fishing by ticket holders under the age of 16 years unless accompanied by an adult season ticket holder who shall be responsible for the actions of the junior. Accompanied is defined as sharing the same swim, with the exception of Boot Pit where accompanied can be the nearest swim.

The above rules can change at anytime without warning and notice


Turnford Angling Consortium 2021